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Y10 Latin Visit Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge

In the week prior to the Easter break it was once again that time of year for the year 9 classicists to board the minibus for the annual Latin trip to the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. Six students - Jack Featherstone, Tom Flint, Emily Jones, Bethany Suckling, Tom Ward and Scarlett Curl - spent a well-deserved afternoon enjoying a tour of the museum and learning more about Greek and Roman mythology and civilization. They were also given the opportunity to handle and discuss a number of artifacts from Roman times. As in previous years the tour was given by the museum's schools coordinator Jennie Thornber, who provided interesting and entertaining information for the students and was delighted to answer their questions. As one student said, 'Looking at the different statues and discovering the mythology and stories behind them was intriguing. Also handling ancient artifacts that the Romans and Greeks would have had was extremely thrilling.' Many thanks to Jackie Price for driving the minibus and to the Latin teacher Annie Elffers for organizing the trip. The Latin course at Fakenham runs for three years as an after-school activity and the GCSE exam is sat at the end of year 10.

A Elffers

Fakenham Academy Norfolk