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What Is It Like To Work On The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm?

A question to which Year 9 Geographers are now able to give answers, following the visit of Roy Wilkes and Brian Short from the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm.

Roy and Brian gave a very interesting presentation on the day-to-day practicalities of generating renewable wind power off the north Norfolk coast, interspersed with many insightful questions from students. The session was brought to life by students being able to try on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that technicians wear, whilst working on the turbines. Combined with how the technicians access the offshore turbines from boats, the height of the structures, the speed at which they turn, the performance of the turbines in recent storms and the procedures that are in place to track and record the position of technicians and equipment, gave a real insight into this form of renewable energy generation.

Many thanks to Roy and Brian and the management at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, for giving up their time to talk to our students. It was very much appreciated by all in attendance.

Colin Bye FGRS

Head of Humanities, Social Sciences and PE Faculty.

Fakenham Academy Norfolk