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Students from Wayland Junior Academy Watton run City College Norwich as part of Takeover Challenge

Over 50 year 6 pupils from Wayland Junior Academy Watton showed that running a college is child’s play when they took over roles from City College Norwich staff at all levels up to and including the Principal.

The youngsters were given the opportunity to take over a variety of roles including Head of Examinations, Secretariat Team Leader, Hair and Beauty Salon Receptionist, Director of Student Services, Communications Officer, Customer Service Assistant, Director of Finance, Restaurant Manager, IT Services Technician, Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. The children spent three hours in their assigned roles and were expected to carry out the staff member’s normal duties which included designing classroom and office spaces, attending management meetings, designing new staff contracts, answering calls, counting money and serving customers in the Debut Restaurant.

Two students, Bradley Norman, aged 11, and Rhys Nicol, aged 10, were given the opportunity to take over Corrienne Peasgood’s role as Principal which saw them undertaking a wide range of tasks including writing letters, leading meetings, responding to emails and considering requests from staff.

Joshua Oluyole, aged 11, took over the job of Deputy Principal, Jerry White. Joshua said:
“I think working at City College Norwich today has been a really great experience for us young people. It is good to do something that older people do and to have a bit of a taste in what it feels like to work here. The best bit about the day has been going around the school and meeting everyone and asking them questions about the Norfolk Show to try and figure out what would make it more eye catching for the public.” 

Jessica Crossley, aged 10, worked with Debut Restaurant Manager and Hospitality Course Leader, Alan George, and his level 3 students. Jessica said:
“I have been a restaurant manager and sorted out the restaurant by making sure that everything is in ship shape condition. The best part about the day was correcting people by telling them where stuff needs to be. When I play at home, I play restaurants and pretend to serve people but here, I don’t need to pretend as I have real people coming in. I want to be here every single day for work because I love this area.”

Corrienne Peasgood, Principal, City College Norwich said:
“It was a pleasure having Wayland Junior Academy Watton’s pupils with us. It felt very strange to hand over my job to Bradley and Rhys. I was nervous when they were replying to my emails but they both did a very good job. Giving young people the opportunity to get real experience of work in different careers is extremely important as it gives them an idea of what they are working towards. It can also uncover a wide range of hidden talents and interests that they can pursue alongside their education.”

Nicola Kaye, Principal, Wayland Junior Academy Watton said:
“The Year 6 children of Wayland Junior Academy Watton were thrilled to be given the challenge of taking over City College Norwich for the day!  A chance to see how a college works and to put some of their skills to great use.  Although some were quite nervous at first, they soon rose to the challenge and got really stuck into some of the very hands on scenarios which had been set up for them to have a go at. The children were buzzing on their return about how they had been given opportunities to attend and participate in meetings, sample the canteen food and share their ideas with the college staff.  The takeover day was a great insight into the different roles in a busy college environment and also what is on offer as a study route after Year 11.”