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Road Safety Magic Show

Pupils and staff were treated to a magic show with a difference on Friday 19th January.

Olly Day, a popular entertainer, performed a show that wowed staff and pupils alike whilst educating them on the importance of road safety. His tricks all had an important message related to remembering to 'Stop, Look and Listen' before you cross and how important it is to 'Be Seen to Be Safe'.

Lucky pupils were asked to help with the tricks and were awarded a snap band as a prize. Sudanez was amazed when the missing picture of Olly's cat appeared and said "It reminds me to wear bright clothing to make sure I am seen at night".

The important message of road safety ended with Olly reminding pupils to wear their helmets whenever they ride their bike. He shared a photo of an injury sustained when a 10 year old had not followed this advice and explained that the boy's life was changed forever. Everyone left with a leaflet ready to talk to their parents about road safety.