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Glen Allot - Principal, Wayland Academy Norfolk

Glen Allot - Principal, Wayland Academy Norfolk

Over the last 5 years I have seen Wayland Academy continuing to develop and improve.

Progress measures and GCSE results illustrate the drive of Leadership and the passion of teachers to support students in achieving the very best that they can. It is a great privilege to be the Principal at Wayland Academy, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with students, parents and teachers.  

At Wayland Academy we will always strive to offer a unique personalised learning experience, where students of all abilities are catered for and I will continue to expect every student to give their best every day and in every lesson.

My aim is to develop students’ knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence so that they are best prepared for the wider world and life beyond Wayland Academy, whether that is on to university, straight into employment or on an apprenticeship. I want students to display a thirst for knowledge and understanding and develop a real love of learning. I passionately believe that we must develop students that can evolve and adjust to the changing times around them. Student that progress from Wayland Academy will be able to rise to a challenge, deal with set-backs and try other strategies to solve problems.   

Wayland Academy continues to respond to the needs and ambitions of the people of this rural part of Norfolk. Above all else we seek to serve the young people and the wider members of this community ensuring there is a real sense of purpose and aspiration.

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