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Alex Hayes - Principal, University Technical College Norfolk

Alex Hayes took up his post in January 2014, in good time to prepare for the opening of University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN) in September 2014.

Alex was born in Wiltshire and holds a degree in Land Management from Reading University and an MBA degree from the University of Leicester. After working in business for a number of years, he trained to be a teacher at the University of East Anglia. He then taught in London before returning to Norfolk. He has held senior roles in a number of Norwich schools, latterly working as Vice Principal of Norfolk’s first Academy.

As Alex explains:

The goal of the UTC Norfolk is simple. We will provide students with the skills and qualifications to either, go on to university, or to take up skilled employment at 18. To achieve this, we offer a rigorous package of academic study, practical skill development and work experience. We have a particular focus on the advanced engineering and energy sectors, but we will provide a sound educational foundation for any student who has an interest in Engineering, Science, Maths or Computing careers.

We have a fabulous site and a £10m construction scheme is on track to provide us with a fantastic 21st century learning space for July. In this building, we will have £1.3m of specialist engineering and scientific equipment that will provide many unique learning experiences for students. We have the support and sponsorship of a number of significant employers, the sponsorship of the University of East Anglia and the backing of the TEN Group.

Working as part of the TEN Group has given the UTC a flying start. Utilising the skills and resources of the TEN Group partners, we are getting top quality advice and the benefit of huge experience: all this is combining to ensure
that our students will receive a first-class learning experience.